SKDP - one of the leading bulk suppliers having strong supply chain management of dairy products in India.

The following advantages makes us give better services to our clients

Quality SKDP manufactures and supplies vide range of Dairy Products to its various customers to meet their specific requirements thus quality cannot be compromised.
Quantity SKDP has the capacity to supply products in bulk as it has strong supply chain management throughout India. The company is planning to open further branches in India and overseas so that its products can be supplied in bulk at a short notice.
Price There are several reasons for us to provide the best compititive price in the industry in view of our vast existing production and marketing facilities available.
Timely Delivery As indicated we can deliver our products in bulk strictly within the stipulated delivery schedule anywhere in the country owing to its various branches situated at various cities in India.

Vast experience in marketing and logistics from the past years has made us gain the trust and support of our customers.